Computer Refresh Program

TLOS: PDN partners with the university’s colleges to provide full-time teaching faculty with new computers every four years. Each year, colleges are allocated a certain number of computers based on university census data and anticipated growth or attrition. Each college selects eligible faculty to participate in the program.

Faculty must earn 12 professional development credits PLUS 2 additional required courses (Cyber Security + Trends in Learning Technologies in Higher Education) as Computer Refresh participants to receive a computer. The credits can be earned over a four-year period. After receiving a new computer, credits are reset and you may start earning credits toward your next computer.


How to Earn 12 Credits

  • Select any combination of fall or spring offerings.
  • Select any 1.5-day summer program for 12 credits that are available in May and June.
  • Implement a teaching tool or strategy with consultation and select related offerings for a total of 1 – 12 credits.


TLOS: PDN Participants

New faculty are selected for the program each year and notified by email in September. The 12 credit PLUS 2 additional required courses (Cyber Security + Trends in Learning Technologies in Higher Education) requirement should be fulfilled by June 6th of your participation year in order to qualify for a new computer. To view your earned credits, log onto the enrollment system with your VT PID and password. Select your name, which appears in the top right corner of the page, then select to “Student Dashboard.” Credits earned are listed in the completed section as well as the PDF Transcript.


Full-time teaching faculty are eligible. Colleges and departments select faculty to participate in the program. TLOS: PDN does not make selections.

Teaching faculty, including tenure track, administrative professionals, and instructors, are eligible to receive a new computer through PDN every four years. Each year, colleges and departments select the individuals who will be participating. In order to receive a computer, faculty must have 12 earned transcript credits PLUS 2 additional required courses (Cyber Security + Trends in Learning Technologies in Higher Education) before the end of the year of program eligibility. Only colleges and department heads have the authority to select which individuals are eligible to participate in any computer refresh cycle. You are receiving this email because you have been selected by your department head to participate in this cycle and receive a computer in the Spring. You are expected to earn your 12 credits before June 6th of your cycle. Any credits that you currently have will count towards the requirement.

The program is designed to accommodate faculty every four years. When you complete the program and receive your computer, your transcript resets and you may begin earning credits toward your next PDN computer refresh.

In order to have the most flexibility and availability of sessions and programs, we recommend you enroll as soon as enrollment is open to you. Sessions fill up quickly.

Information about the new computer models and the selection process will be sent to participants in the Fall. A computer showcase also is held each December, where vendors are available to discuss models and provide demonstrations.

Computers are distributed to the departments in the late Spring/early Summer (May/June).

Navigate to the enrollment system and browse or search for sessions.

  • Browse or search for the session of your choice. 
  • Click the title of the session. 
  • Click the Enroll button.

Note: If you can not select enroll, please ensure you are logged in to the enrollment system by using your PID/Password.

An online session is typically a live webcast of the session or a multi-week course available through Canvas. This option is made available, primarily, for participants who are not located in Blacksburg.

Navigate to the Enrollment system and select Student Dashboard located after selecting your name. A PDF Transcript is available to view.

Navigate to the Enrollment system and select your name in the top right corner. Select Student Dashboard from the menu.

The bulk of the sessions are added by the start of the spring and fall semesters; however, sessions may be added throughout the academic year.

Please contact the IT specialist in your department for all computer-related issues.